Ventilator Usability| San Francisco, CA.

Hello, thank you for your interest in our research.

We are conducting a paid ventilator usability study in the Yorba Linda, CA area and San Francisco, CA area for which we are in need of Home Health Aides, LVN's and CNA's to take part. All participants should be caring for ventilator dependent patients and working primarily in patients homes. Our client is developing a new ventilator to be used in in-home environments so they are looking for feedback from professionals who work work with these devices on a regular basis.

This study is being conducted between Monday, June 12th through Friday, June 23rd. Qualified participants would be scheduled to complete a 2 hour training session where you will get familiar with the device, followed by a 2 hour evaluation session where you may be ask to complete different tasks and explain your thoughts while doing so. There will be an hour of downtime between the 2 interviews so the total time commitment is 5.5 hours. For your time and participation you will be paid $400. This is in the form of a check and given to you at the conclusion of the interview on the same day.

In order for us to determine whether or not you qualify to participate, we will need to ask you some questions. Included in this survey is a portion of the questions we need to ask. Please note: If qualified through this version, we will need to confirm the same questions with you over the phone and ask a few additional questions as well. We do this to make sure the information you provided stays the same and so we can make sure we have everything recorded correctly.